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  • in-questa-immagine-vediamo-un-gruppo-in-parapendio-biposto-pilotati-da-piloti-professionisti-in-volo-sul-lago-di-Garda
  • in-questa-immagine-vediamo-un-parapendista-professionista-su-un-parapendio-biposto-in-volo-sul-lago-di-Garda



Tandem Paragliding

A Tandem Paragliding flight from the peaks of Monte Baldo offers a fantastic experience and view over all of Lake Garda.

The Brenta Dolomites, the villages of the lake and the Malcesine Castle provide the setting for an indescribable experience.

All this is with maximum safety, thanks to our team of professional pilots made up of flight instructors, test pilots and expert air acrobats, who have made paragliding their greatest passion.



price tandem paragliding gardasee

190 €



Biglietto funvia

Cable car one-way ticket


Flight duration from 20 to 30 minutes


HD video on SD card


Professional Pilot


Sporting equipment:
helmet, life jacket, jacket




The activity lasts about 1 hour and 30 minutes in total

... and it's a unique experience!



Tandem Paragliding from the peaks of Monte Baldo is an activity suitable for everyone.

There are no age limits and no previous experience or special physical skills are required *!



Aspiring paragliding pilots

Da soli

Alone, as a couple


Families, Groups


Teenagers, children


People with disabilities


Didattico avanzato per piloti, Acrobatico


*Weight limits 35kg-100kg (women 90kg). Disability cases will be assessed individually to verify feasibility.



Frequently Asked Questions

how much does a flight cost and which services are included?

The cost of a tandem paragliding flight is € 190 and our policy is zero surprises. The price includes everything necessary for carrying out the activity, i.e. the cablecar ticket, insurance and the use of technical equipment such as helmet, harness, gloves and jacket if necessary, and the video of the flight.

how long does a flight last?

Thanks to the difference in altitude of 1700 m - one of the highest in Europe - we can guarantee a minimum duration of about 20 minutes. If the wind and sun conditions allow it, we always try to take advantage of the upward currents to prolong the two-seater flight as much as possible, even up to 35-40 minutes. The most common duration is 25-30 minutes.

i suffer from vertigo. is that a problem?

It is not possible to suffer from vertigo while flying. During a tandem paragliding flight you are in a seated position and reclined slightly backwards. This makes it very comfortable and stable. Vertigo originates from a combination of contrasting messages between the sense of sight and that of balance, located in the ear. This signal error cannot occur during the tandem flight, since the sitting position is very stable and, moreover, we tend to look forward rather than downward.

what clothing is needed?

For a tandem paragliding flight, comfortable and sporty clothing is required, with sneakers or mountain boots. The use of sandals or flip flops is not allowed. Keep in mind that that take-off point is around 1750 metres above sea level, where it can be significantly colder than in Malcesine, even in the summer months. We therefore recommend using slightly warmer clothing than normal. It is not possible to carry bulky objects such as hiking backpacks or large bags on the flight, but a small bag, pouch or soft backpack can be stowed in special pockets. Unfortunately, we do not have a luggage storage room.

what happens in case of bad weather?

In the event that the pilots judge the weather conditions inadequate for carrying out the activity, the flight will be canceled. In this case you can reschedule your flight in the first available slot. Usually we try to inform you about the weather conditions as soon as possible (a few hours before the appointment), but, in some rare cases, it may happen that the flight is canceled at the meeting point, or even once already arrived at the take-off area.

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Fly2Fun Review on

tripadvisor review fly2fun tandem paragliding gardasee

  • Wonderful experience
    Tandem Paragliding Lake Gardawrote a review Sep 2020

    Great and fast communication in English when booking. Really nice and unique experience, the view was amazing. The guide makes you feel comfortable. Never felt worried or stressed. Highly recommended!

  • exciting experience!
    Tandem Paragliding Lake Gardawrote a review Jul 2020

    Really helpful & kind guides. it was a lot easier than i thought & it wasn't as scary as is thought at all! :) a really nice experience you definitely should have done!

  • Paragliding
    Tandem Paragliding Lake Gardawrote a review Jul 2020

    Wonderful experience with such professional and friendly person. The view it's absolutely fantastic, and there is not any other place from where you can better enjoy the overview of the Garda Lake. Fun do not miss. An experience to recommend

  • Great Fiorenzo !
    Tandem Paragliding Lake Gardawrote a review Sep 2019

    Awesome paragliding experience with fly2fun guys that are very well prepared, pleasant s and careful to put people at their ease. I strongly recommend to flight with them to enjoy the amazing landscape around Garda Lake.

  • Paragliding with Dennis
    Tandem Paragliding Lake Gardawrote a review Aug 2019

    Just absolutely sublime, I can only speak for myself but Dennis is clearly very experienced. He knew I was a little nervous but that was taken away in moments I can’t recommend this experience enough!!!

  • Paragliding for the first time
    Tandem Paragliding Lake Gardawrote a review Aug 2019

    At first I was very excited,but Fiore explained everything in detail.I enjoyed every second & was very sad,when the flight was over.It was amazing:the weather,the view.I highly recommend it & I’ll definitely do it again!

  • Amazing !
    Tandem Paragliding Lake Gardawrote a review Aug 2019

    My husband and I returned to Italy this year to do this ! It was amazing. My husband took some pictures with his camera far too many to put on here. Highly recommend . We are returning to Italy next year as our granddaughter wants to do a tandem flight . We’ve got the bug x

  • Amazing experience
    Tandem Paragliding Lake Gardawrote a review Aug 2019

    Amazing experience, excellent service and knowledgeable and friendly pilots. I give them my warmest recommendations!


meeting point paragliding Meeting Point

tandemflug gardasee malcesine fly2fun meeting point

Via Navene Vecchia, 12 - 37018 Malcesine VR

We always recommend leaving well in advance (even more than an hour), especially in the summer months, from June to September.